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X Trade Show of sportswear, active wear, casual and outdoor wear, footwear, accessories and technologies, materials and manufacturing equipment, will be held in June 2021 in Moscow, Hotel Izmailovo Gamma-Delta

The Trade Show combines 2 formats:

The main exposition is the pre-order of the collections of sports, tourist and casual clothes, footwear and accessories for the Fall-Winter season; ordering Spring-Summer collections from a free warehouse.

  • High-tech clothing and footwear for extreme sports and outdoor activities;
  • Functional outerwear for the whole family;
  • Clothing for fitness, swimming and dancing;
  • Equipment for sports teams;
  • Casual clothes and shoes;
  • Hats, gloves, socks, thermal underwear;
  • Tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and bags;
  • Means for the care of sports shoes and clothing;
  • Outer children's clothing, including membrane fabrics;
  • Children's clothes for sports and outdoor activities;
  • Children's shoes for sports and outdoor activities.

Exposition "Technologies Sport Casual" (since June 2017):

Presentations of technologies, materials and equipment for the production of sports, casual and outdoor clothing, proposals for outsourcing from Russian factories, integrated technological solutions for the sports and outdoor industry. Visitors of the exposition are manufacturers of sportswear, casual and work wear, representatives of equip centers, sports clubs and federations, as well as retail chains and brands.

  • Materials for the production of sports and tourist clothing: membranes, membrane fabrics; down; insulation; fleece and knitted fabrics; accessories;
  • Sewing machines;
  • Equipment and accessories for non-production;
  • Integrated technological solutions for the sports and outdoor industry;
  • Factories - manufacturers of outerwear, knitwear, jeans, hosiery, working on the outsourcing system.

Exhibitors: manufacturing and trading companies specializing in the production and sale of sports, casual and outdoor clothing, shoes and accessories, hats, hosiery, clothing and equipment for outdoor activities, suppliers of fabrics, equipment, accessories.

Benefits for Exhibitors: • Budget option for pre-orders;
• Minimum costs for attracting new customers;
• Ability to show collections to buyers at the right time;
• Target buyers: representatives of retail chains, department stores, multi-brand stores of the categories sport, outdoor, fashion, kidswear, Internet-shops, outfit centers;
• Integrated advertising campaign in the industry media;
• Effective networking platform;
• Free training seminars;
• Catering; discounts on hotel accommodation.

Terms of participation:
solid customer base, invitation of at least 10 clients.

Visitors: Buyers of multi-brand stores, retail chains, department stores, Internet-shops, manufacturers of sports and casual wear, outfitting centers.

Benefits for visitors:
• Ability to order multiple brands and multiple categories;
• Familiarity with the latest technologies in the production of sportswear;
• Ability to order products in small batches under its own brand;
• Networking platform;
• Catering;
• Discounts on hotel accommodation.

Visitors: representatives of multi-brand stores, retail chains, department stores, Internet stores working in the categories of sportswear, active wear, outdoor, casual, children's stores, franchise partners, outfit centers, manufacturers of sports, casual and children's clothing, industry media.

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